Translational Research Experience for MPH Students (TREMS)

The “Translational Research Experience for MPH Students” (TREMS) is an expansion of the pedagogical activities of the IU Institute for Research on Addictive Behavior (IRAB). TREMS affords MPH students one year of supervision, sponsorship, and mentorship to experience the research process within a public health setting, and to develop the necessary methodological skills that allows work across public health concentrations and in multidisciplinary teams.

The IRAB mission and vision drives the TREMS research agenda: namely, to understand the social, psycho-social, and behavioral contexts in which HIV/ STI transmission, disease outcomes, and unintended pregnancies occur among adolescent and young adult populations. TREMS expands upon MPH students’ coursework in epidemiology and biostatistics with research applications that nest epidemiologic models of disease transmission within broader social cognitive, theoretical frameworks.

TREMS interns begin by formulating the research problem, conducting the literature review, articulating research objectives/ aims, and then concentrate on the development of study design appropriate for multilevel conceptual frameworks of health risks and disease outcomes, and, finally, the dissemination of results. TREMS intends to demonstrably enhance students’ scientific careers and prepare future public health researchers who can bridge science to service.